2009 NLHLA Annual Workshop

Introduction to Project Management

Presented by Randy Murphy – Manager of Online CPD Programs. Faculty of Medicine, Professional Development & Conferencing Services, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Randy provided an overview of the fundamentals of project management from initiation to closure. He began by defining key concepts and explaining how projects succeed and how they fail. The main points of his presentation explained: the five processes of project management; the twelve basic rules of project management; and the fifteen steps to construct a project.

EBL: the View from Down Under

Presented by Sue Fahey – Librarian. Health Sciences Library. Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Sue’s presentation provided an Australian perspective of EBL, or Evidence Based Librarianship. While in Australia, Sue interviewed local librarians to find out their views on EBL, EBIP, EBP, or whatever their preferred term was. Sue included breathtaking pictures of the landscape and audio files of the interviews which were both uniquely Australian.

What happened to the library?

Presented by Alison Farrell and Pamela Morgan – Librarians. Health Sciences Library. Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Both Alison and Pam walked us through the incredible transformation of the Health Sciences Library as it added a state of the art teaching lab. They detailed the many challenges they faced and how they overcame each obstacle. This presentation complemented the morning session on Project Management.

Slides (PPT)