2008 NLHLA Annual Workshop

Clinical Librarianship

Presented by Kim Hancock, Librarian, Western Memorial Hospital, Western Health.

Kim provided definitions of clinical librarianship, provided an overview of what is involved and a brief history in the USA and U.K. She then outlined the core duties of a clinical librarian, and spoke about the time factors involved, types of information provided, challenges, and service evaluation. She finished up by identifying some areas in which research is needed and by highlighting what is going on at Western Health.

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Primary Health Care

Presented by Sheila Miller, Director, Planning & Evaluation Dept., Health & Community Services.

Sheila began by showing the Newfoundland and Labrador Primary Health Care awareness video made during the time of Primary Health Care Transitions Funding Initiative, which shows the development of Primary Health Care teams in the province. She then talked about what the province is doing, how we need to take what we have and use it more appropriately. She defined PHC and its goals and emphasized that PHC is a philosophy and not a project; that is is important to change people’s mindset. She spoke of the need for local needs assessment and the development of programs that fit a region; of the need to encompass education of prevention and lifestyle; that collaborative practice allows health care providers to offer their services at a higher level; and noted that PHC works better in rural areas where physicians are salaried rather than fee for service.

Birth of a Database: Newfoundland and Labrador Health Bibliography: A Labour of Love

Presented by Shelagh Wotherspoon, Public Services Librarian. Health Sciences Library, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Shelagh described her efforts to turn the print Bibliography of Health Care in Newfoundland into a Newfoundland and Labrador Health Bibliography database. She outlined the design of the database, the building of the database, and the implementation of the database, and the associated planning and problems involved at each stage.

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Update on the Consultant for the Review of Provincial Health Libraries

Presented by George Beckett, Associate University Librarian (Health Sciences), Health Sciences Library. Memorial University of Newfoundland.

George identified the members of the working group and of the consultative team, reviewed the terms of reference, and went over the draft schedule for the consultant’s visit.

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