1996 NLHLA Annual Workshop

Changes in the Newfoundland Healthcare System

Presented by Sister Elizabeth Davis, CEO, Health Care Corporation of St. John’s.

There is a new concept of health being developed: health is a state of physical, emotional and mental well-being.

An organizational change is underway. Leadership will have a large role, as well as service. The regional approach will be used, and all health facilities will be brought under the one umbrella: hospitals, nursing homes, health institutes, and community health boards. Organizational integration is the key. Consumers will be consulted, as a move is made to program-based delivery of health care.

Skills that will need to be developed include:

  • dealing with public policy
  • playing a public role
  • creating value networks
  • appreciation for the past
  • being emotionally prepared for the coming chaos
  • care for personal health
  • being accountable for making a difference

New Options for Document Delivery

Presented by Linda Barnett, Health Sciences Library, Memorial University of Newfoundland.


Ariel is a document transmission system. Its key features include:

  • Transmission of images over the internet using FTP
  • Use of off-the-shelf hardware, which can be used for other functions
  • Data compression, for faster transmission and reduced storage requirements
  • High quality, high resolution images can handle everything from photographs to manuscripts
  • Direct scanning means there is no need to photocopy materials before transmitting
  • Faster, more reliable, and less expensive than fax
  • Ariel Homepage


Docline is a request and referral system. Its key features include:

  • Automatic holdings verification for titles in SERHOLD
  • Automatic routing of requests for titles in SERHOLD
  • Minimal hardware requirements
  • Holdings database for over 3000 libraries, including NLM and CISTI
  • Use of the UI number in Medline when creating requests
  • Designed to equalize workload between lenders by randomly routing requests
  • Time triggered actions to keep requests moving
  • Produces statistical reports on activity
  • Docline Homepage